Bonsaiya Abe – Fukushima City’s Own Bonsai Master

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I visited Bonsaiya Abe around a year ago, and was lucky enough to spend time talking to Daiki Abe, the 3rd generation of the Abe family to be involved in growing bonsai trees.

Bonsai Bonsaiya Abe Fukushima City (2)

The Abe family have been cultivating Goyomatsu (Japanese White Pine) bonsai trees for over 90 years.

Bonsai Bonsaiya Abe Fukushima City (11)

Kurakichi Abe began growing bonsai from seed nearly 100 years ago after a visit to the Azuma Mountains in Fukushima City, where he felt overwhelmed and moved by the grandeur and sublime beauty of the mountains.


Kurakichi was inspired by the ancient trees that inhabited the mountain side, and coined the term ‘Kukan Yubi’, which translates into English as ‘The Beauty of Space’, as a way of describing the beauty of the shapes and spaces created when trees grow old. Bonsai Bonsaiya Abe Fukushima City (12)

Although over the years many bonsai cultivators have favoured the aesthetics of neat, perfect-looking trees – some even…

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